OnePlus 7 T Review and full information this phone.

Hello friends welcome to today’s I am going to {(today I am going to Review OnePlus 7T.)}

Here’s the new OnePlus 7T. It’s a lot like one of ourfavorite phones of the year, the OnePlus 7 Pro, but it’s a little bitsmaller and it costs less. It’s a follow-on from the OnePlus 7 that was available in other markets, but not here in the US. So you can think of it more as a successor to the OnePlus 6T from last year. You’ll be able to buy the7T starting on October 18th, from either OnePlus or T-Mobile for 599 bucks, which is about 70 to 100dollars less than the 7 Pro. Now don’t let that lowerprice lead you into thinking that the 7T is a worse phone than 7 Pro, because in realty, between the two, it’s the one that I actually prefer. It still has the best parts of the 7 Pro.

That super-smooth 90 hertz screen, fast and responsive performance, but it doesn’t have the other things that make the 7 Pro challenging to use, like a giant size and curved edges. It also has a couple of new tricks that the 7 Pro doesn’t even offer. So let’s talk about specs, because when you review a OnePlus phone, you have to talk about specs. The 7T is a 6.55 inch 10 eDP OLED display with that 90 hertz refresh rate. So scrolling on thislooks a whole lot smoother than on most other phones. Now you probably can’t see it on video, but trust me, it’s buttery in person.

It has a QualcommSnapdragon 855+ processor, which is technically faster than the standard 855 in the 7 Pro, but I doubt you’d really notice much difference between them. Either way, performanceis still excellent. The 7T that will beavailable here in the US has 8 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage. Other markets like India and China are also going to get a 256 gig option. The screen has a 20 by nine aspect ratio which makes it a bit tall, but it’s noticeably narrower than the 7 Pro and even last year’s 6T.

That, plus the flat surface, there’s no waterfall curves here, make it more comfortable to hold. But you shouldn’t go thinking that this is a suddenly new,small phone from OnePlus. This is still a big phone, it’s just a little smaller than the 7 Pro. The display doesn’t have acompletely uninterrupted screen. There is a small waterdrop notch at the top for the front camera, because the 7T doesn’t have the fancy pop-up motorized frontcamera that the 7 Pro has. Now OnePlus says this notchis specifically 31.6% smaller than the notch on the 6T and the 7

. And to be honest with you, I really haven’t foundit to be any problem in use over the past week or so. Now the screen supportsboth HDR10 and HDR10+ and it’s 27% brighter in direct sunlight, thanks to a new boosted outdoor mode, which lets it get to upto a peak of 1,000 nits. There’s really not a wholelot to complain about with this screen. It’s bright, it’s colorful, it has that fast refreshrate that’s awesome. Now it’s technically a lower resolution than the 1440p panel on the 7 Pro, but I really can’t see a difference in sharpness between them. Now if we stop staring atthe screen for a second, which, I admit, it’s hard to do, we could flip the 7T over andcheck out its camera system.

Now just like the 7 Pro and a lot of other phones out this year, the 7T has a three-camera system. It’s got a standard one, an ultra-wide and a telephoto. And they’re all housedin this kinda giant hump on the back of the phone. It kind of reminds me ofthe old Nokia Lumia 1020. The standard camera and the ultra wide are basically exactly thesame as the 7 Pro’s camera. And the telephoto is just a 2x zoom instead of the 3x thatyou get on the 7 Pro. You can expect the same kind of images from the 7T as you can get from the 7 Pro and I think a lot of people are gonna be reallyhappy with these results. One new thing that the 7Thas is a super macro mode that lets you get focusedreally close on an object.

It can be challenging to use because it’s hard to hold still and get a sharp shot atthese close distances, but with a little practice, it can be a ton of fun and you won’t be able toget this on the 7 Pro, even through a software update, because OnePlus tells methat to get this to work, it requires some special hardware that the 7 Pro just doesn’t have. Another thing that the 7 Pro doesn’t have is Warp Charge 30 plus, which is the latest version of OnePlus’s proprietary fast-charging system. The company says it’s up to 23% faster than the Warp Charge 30 that’s on the Pro, and it should charge the7T’s battery from zero to 100 in just 60 minutes. In my test, I was ableto go from 22 to 87% in just 30 minutes, whichis really impressive. But just know that, inorder to get those speeds, you’re going to have touse the included brick and cable that came inthe box with the 7T.

The 7T is launching with Android 10 and OnePlus’s OxygenOS 10, making it one of the first phones to launch with Google’s latest software. Now you can choose between Android 10’snew gesture interface, or the standard three buttons. But if you were a fan ofOnePlus’s old gestures, I’m sorry to report, thoseare no longer available. One new thing in OxygenOSthat I particularly like is the chromatic reading mode, which desaturates the screento make it easier to read, but it doesn’t turn it fullymonochrome like before.

Now I like using thiswhen I’m using Pocket or the Kindle app anddoing a lot of reading, but if you prefer the older, full-style monochrome version, you can choose that if you want to. So, what’s not to love with the 7T? Well, for starters, I’m only seeing averagebattery life with it, which is about four tofive hours of screen time. Even though this thing has a big 3800 milliamp hour battery. I don’t think this is a huge problem and I think most peoplewill be able to get through a full day with the 7T, but if you saw that stat and were hoping for a multi-day monster, this ain’t it. It’s clear that the 90 hertz screen does take a hit on battery life, but I think it’s totally worth the trade.

The 7T also has thefamiliar OnePlus complaints. It doesn’t support wireless charging, which might not matter to you, but matters to me. It doesn’t have a rated official IP rating for water and dust resistance, and you can’t expand thestorage with a micro SD card. It also tends toaggressively shut down apps when I’m not using them, which is something the company says it’ll be addressing infuture software updates, but it just hasn’t yet. I mostly notice this when I’m using Android messages on my computer and I can’t send or receive new messages until I wake up the 7T on my desk.

But I can forgive andforget a lot of those things when I consider the factthat I’m getting this screen and this performance for 600 bucks. We’re expecting Google to puta similar 90 hertz display in the upcoming Pixel 4, but I guarantee that won’t be available for anywhere near the price of the 7T. In fact, when I compare the 7Tto any other phone right now, even the 7 Pro, I’m not sure anything else can touch this combination of display, performance and price.

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