Surface Go 2 first look: 3 big upgrade.

 Hello friends welcome to today’s I am going to Review surface go 2 )}

So just like everybody else,Microsoft has had to cancel their in person conferences. But that doesn’t mean thatthey’re canceling new hardware. This is the Surface Go 2. It is the second iteration of Microsoft’s tiny littlewindows surface tablet with its own littlekickstand, and you know what? The original Surface Go,I kind of fell in love with that computer because Ilove having a tiny computer.

But it had some problems. And Microsoft has doneeverything that it can I think to address those problems,or at least the biggest ones and the one that you’regoing to see right away that they’re trying to do better is when you look at the screen. The original Surface Go had huge bezels and the bezels on thisone are way, way smaller because the screen is now 10.5 inches.

I think it’s 19, 20 by 12 adwhich means it’s three by two which is the right aspectratio for computers, I think anyway. But it looks like a good screen. The bezels aren’t quiteas small as you can get on like a Surface Pro X, butthey’re still respectable. The last bezels were actually kind of like vaguely embarrassing. This does not feel cramped anymore. I’m very excited about the screen. (upbeat music) The second problem with theoriginal Surface Go was that it was kinda well, slow.

It had this Intel Pentium Gold processor, which did the job mostlybut you could really feel it struggle a lot. And the base model of this newSurface Go 2 unfortunately, also has an Intel Pentium Gold processor. I think it’s a 4425Y,comes with four gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage,but it’s EMMC storage, which is a little bit slow. But the combination of allthose things is how they keep the price down for the base model. It starts at 399. You can also get a modelwith that same processor, eight gigs of RAM and 128gig SSD for 529 but, yeah.

If you’re gonna spend moremoney on this computer to the one to get is the one that comes with the new processor option. It is an 8th Gen Core M3 from Intel with eight gigabytes ofRAM and 128 gigabyte SSD and that costs 629. And if you want for 100 bucksmore, you can get it with LTE. Although, you know, on top ofthat you’re also gonna need to buy a keyboard. However, if you already have a Surface Go, you actually won’t haveto buy a new keyboard because it is the exactsame size and shape overall as the original Surface Go. So all of your keyboardsand either accessories you might have gotten will still work with this Surface Go 2.

They even kept the ports the same. So there is a surface connector’cause Microsoft loves them. A surface connector, I don’tbut maybe their customers do, I don’t know. They kept the surface connector. There’s also a USBC port and there is a headphone jack, hooray. And last but not least, thereis expansion for storage in the form of microSD on the back. Now the front facingcamera is five megapixels and you can get a nice fivemegapixel camera in a surface because the wholecomputer is in the tablet which means that you havemore, you know, Z axis space there to fit a nicer camera in. And that of course meansit works with Windows.

Hello, you would expectthat out of a surface. So you can log in with your face. Microsoft says there’salso studio microphones for better sound and I hope that’s true. Like I said, I really didlove the original one. I don’t know, it just feltcute like a Fiat 500 car was a metaphor that I used, fun to drive but like itcouldn’t go uphill very fast. And so I’m really interested to see if putting a proper Core M3into this machine will mean that it will fare better interms of performance. Now the third thing, I almost forgot but it’s actually maybethe most important thing, is battery life.

Microsoft says that theyput a larger battery inside the Surface Go 2, whichshould give it up to 10 hours. Now, Microsoft’s 10 hoursisn’t necessarily real. We’ll use or maybe veryrundown or whatever so we got to test it. But a device like this ismeant to be ultra portable. It’s, you know, why it’s so small? It’s about the same sizeas like an iPad Pro 11. And so you want it to lasta long time on battery ’cause you wanna be outin the world with it, if you ever get to goout of the world again. So I’m also excited to testto see if the battery life on this thing is any better too. These devices are goingto be available on May 12, including the LTE edition. Usually that one comes way later.

So we’re gonna have a full review of this, up on the verge at somepoint in the near future. If you’ve got questionsabout the Surface Go 2, please let me know down in the comments and I will do my best toanswer them in the review. Hey, thanks so much for watching. You know, when you shootfrom home by yourself, you forget that the bitwhere you ask for comments is supposed to go on theend card not the main video. But you just let it go ’cause,you know, we’re just shooting from the hip here. I appreciate you, thanks for watching.

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