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 Hey guys it’s Sagar from Tecworkz, and today we are taking a look at   the latest 8th Generation iPad. 

I think Apple should start calling this one the iPad SE,   because that’s actually what it is.Like the iPhone SE and the Apple Watch SE,   this 8th Gen iPad, gives you the most value for your money. Now why do I say that? Because it starts at Rs.29,900 for the 32GB variant. Actually You   can get it for as low as Rs.26,900 if you go with some of the credit card offers. And at that price,   there is no other tablet or even a laptop for that matter, which comes even close to its performance. In the box, we get the iPad itself, Some paper work and Apple stickers, USB type C to Lightning   cable, and a 20 watt charging brick. Yes, 8th generation iPad which starts at Rs.29,900 comes   with a 20watt charger, but none of the iPhone going forward do. 

This is just plane stupid. Anyways, coming back to the iPad itself. Yes, this looks same as the 7th Gen iPad, so if you   are using that one, there is really no need for you to upgrade to this one. But it comes with a   much better Apple 12 Bionic processor with Neural engine, same as the one we saw in the iPhone XS,   so there is a big jump in its performance compared to the A10 processor in the 7th Gen iPad. Now while the starting price is just fantastic,   I strongly think that you should go with the 128GB variant, instead of the 32GB one.  

If all you want to use your iPad for is consuming content on streaming services,   FaceTime calls and some web browsing, you can make do with the 32GB variant. But with these   iPad’s lasting for well over 5-7 years, and with the software updates becoming larger and larger,   you will face some issues due to the storage, so I think its best to go with the 128GB variant now. With a stellar starting price, very capable processor, 2160×1620 pixel Retina display,   Touch ID sensor under the home button, a headphone jack, Smart connector to connect accessories,   Apple pencil support, and software updates for 4-5 years at least,   this 8th Generation iPad lets you do more than 90% of what the more expensive iPad   Air 4th generation and the iPad Pro can do, at less half the price, which is just amazing. 

Now who is this 8th generation iPad for?-It’s for someone, who wants the software   features that iPad OS offers, but without breaking their bank.   You get access to all host of Apple’s and even 3rd party apps, which are plenty for the iPad.  -This iPad is for someone who likes to consume a lot of media or play a few games.  -With support for 1st generation Apple pencil, it is also for someone who likes to sketch or pain.  -It is a note taking device for students,   or with PowerPoint and keynotes, you can even make your presentations on it.  -And with most of the cases being held over Zoom calls, this iPad is really good for it.  -It is also for someone who is looking to get a tablet that lasts for years and years.   

Apple is very good with software support, so you will get at least 4-5 years of software support   on this if not more, and even after that you can keep on using it without any major issued.  I know a few guys who are still holding on to their 2nd generation iPad’s,   so we know they are build to last. And as mentioned before, it does all of this, without leaving a huge void in your bank account. If you want to do some serious typing on this thing, I suggest you get some sort   of keyboard attachment for it.While the onscreen keyboard,   is good enough, it is just not tactile, for long hours of writing sessions.  

You don’t have to get one from Apple,   there are a few 3rd party ones that perform just as good if not better. With new iPad OS updates,   all the new features like the mouse support and widgets come down to this iPad as well.  The performance of this iPad is just amazing. You won’t feel any lags or stutters on this,   no matter what you do on it.The battery life is really good.   

It gives you 10 hours of usage out of 1 charge, and that is just amazing.  It has these big bezels, but that lets Apple house the Touch ID sensor and the physical   home button on the bottom chin, and many people actually prefer using this over the face ID.   Now everything is not sunshine and rainbows with this iPad.   

At this price, it is obvious Apple had to cut some corners. -First off, as I said before, the design is the same as the 7th Gen iPad,   so there are these uneven big bezels at the top and bottom. Unlike the iPad Air 4th gen   and iPad pro’s which have smaller uniform bezels.-There is no USB C port, so that limits the   number of accessories you can connect to it. 

You can get dongles, but that’s just   more stuff you need to carry around. USB C port on an iPad is much more convenient.  -The bottom firing speakers are not really that powerful.  -The rear 8 megapixel camera is just good for scanning things and not anything much,   but the front facing camera is even worst at just 1.2 megapixels. With 720p resolution,   It barely gets the job done for video calls.-There is still no multi user support,   but this problem doesn’t have to do with this iPad exactly, it is a software feature   which is missing on all iPad’s.-As I said before it doesn’t get major   updates over the 7th generation, so people having that, done need to make the switch.  -And for long typing sessions, you will need to use some sort of external keyboard. Now the biggest problem with this iPad is not actually with THIS iPad.  

 Actually the competition is not even catching up to Apple’s previous generation iPad’s, so Apple   doesn’t really have to work too hard to bring any major radical redesign to this entry level iPad.   So in a way we should be blaming the competition.That being said, I strongly feel, Apple should   have updated at least the selfie camera and the base storage on this 8th generation iPad.  Other than that, I don’t have any major complains with this iPad. It is very light, so using it for extended time is not an issue. 

There is a headphone jack, so   you don’t HAVE to spend on bluetooth headphones. I mean you still can, but you don’t have to.  Performance is amazing, and it can basically run everything that I   trough it at it, without any hiccups.I mostly use this one to write scripts   for these videos, and as a second display to go through my social media while watching TV. My wife   uses it for some of her office work, and it has been more than sufficient for our needs so far. So yes, I definitely think that this 8th generation 2020 iPad   is the most value for money tablet that you can get. 

This is not the only tablet that Apple announced recently, there is the new 4th Generation   iPad Air as well, so which of these 2 should you get? Well, that is a question for another video. That is it for this video. Please hit the like button if you enjoyed this video,   and subscribe tot he channel for more quality tech videos like this.   You can also check out some of the other videos from this channel. This has been Sagar,   and I will catch you guys in the next video. Take care. 

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