OnePlus 8T INSANE SPEED Review

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OnePlus 8T INSANE SPEED So OnePlus is gearing up to launch its secondflagship of the year, the OnePlus 8T scheduled to launch either at the end of this monthor early next month. Surprisingly there won’t be a Pro variantof the 8T this year, they are only going to launch the OnePlus 8T.

 And that makes sense since there isn’t muchleft to differentiate the two handsets. Anyway, Onleaks revealed the full 360-degreelook of the OnePlus 8T alongside the whole specifications of the handset which showsthat OnePlus will blow most of the smartphone out of the water in one of the departments. First off, the phone looks like this. 

A huge camera module at the back to go alongwith other huge camera module phones we’ve seen recently. It’s kinda justified on flagship phones fromSamsung and Huawei because they offer camera specs to back it up. 

But here on the OnePlus 8T, I think it’s totallyunnecessary in my opinion. It feels like OnePlus is following a me-toomovement in the smartphone world by putting that huge camera set up to make it seem likeit can go toe to toe with Samsung’s and Huawei’s of the world but in fact, it’s just a dual-cameraphone. Yes, there are 4 cameras out there, but twoof them are straight-up trash. 

OnePlus 8T, camera ?

One is a depth camera and another is a macrocamera. Both of the effects can be achieved from themain lens itself. But the good thing is the main camera is seeingan upgrade, it’s going to have a bigger sensor compared to the OnePlus 8. It’s coupled with a 16MP ultrawide lens. The front camera is 32MP by the way.

OnePlus 8T, Buttery ?

Charging speed is where OnePlus is going insanemode. Their 30W of warp charge was already fastenough but they are taking to a whole new level on the OnePlus 8T as it’s going to offera 65W of warp charging.

 This charger has already been revealed byOppo which by the way is a sister company of OnePlus which shows that it can fully chargea 4000mAh battery in just 30 minutes with a 27% charge in just 5 minutes. Oppo pulls off these speeds using GalliumNitride (GaN) semiconductors and has five different safety measures throughout the wire,adapter, and handset. 

Integrated circuits are built into the adapteritself, so heat is dissipated before it ever reaches your phone. Since Oppo and OnePlus share almost everything,even their looks, it’s safe to say we’re going to see the same charger on the OnePlus 8Twith some rebranding. 

A couple of years ago I used to think thatsuch things were pointless, I mean why do you even need such fast charging when youcan just charge it overnight. That changed when I actually got a fast charger. There are many instances where you quicklyneed to refill the phone, I no longer need to bring a bulky power bank with me, and insteadjust pop the phone on the wall charger during short bursts whenever I sit down anywherewith a wall outlet. Not to mention now I never leave it pluggedin overnight.

 So good to know companies are making our lifeeasier with these fast chargers, but even with those charging safety measures Oppo andOnePlus is taking, we still have to see if that is going to affect the lifecycle of thebattery. 

OnePlus 8T, RAN & Storage ?

Other specs of the handset include Snapdragon865, not the 865+, a 4500mAh battery, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage as standard,there’s also a 12/256GB version, and of course a 6.55″ 1080p plus 120Hz display which isan improvement over 90Hz of the OnePlus 8. With that being said, let me know what doyou think about this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…peaceout 

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