Samsung Galaxy A52 reviewe

 Hello friends welcome to today’s I am going to (today I am going to Reviewe Samsung Galaxy A52  .)}

Samsung is all set to launch its main flagshipphone, the Galaxy S21 in a couple of months but they are also working on the successorof their most popular smartphone in recent times, the Galaxy A52.

We’ve revealed some details regarding thecamera a few weeks ago. Samsung electro-mechanics who make cameramodules for Samsung flagships will also supply camera modules for the Galaxy A52 and A72which means we’ll likely see a bump in the image quality of these new midrange phones.

 Now the Galaxy A52 has been benchmarked revealingits specifications including the type of processor we’re going to see in this handset. Not taking the scores into consideration becauseit hasn’t been benchmarked at its full potential, the Galaxy A52 will have 6GB RAM and an 8core processor. 

This 8 core chipset is the newly announcedSnapdragon 750G which is a capable processor in this segment. For context, it has 2 Cortex A77 cores whichis a first for a Snapdragon 700 series, the Snapdragon 765G has cortex A76. So CPU wise expect the Galaxy A52 to do marginallybetter than a Snapdragon 765 handset such as OnePlus Nord or Pixel 5. Now, I’m certain there will be a 4G LTE GalaxyA52 as well for markets where 5G isn’t a thing yet or where it’s not widespread yet. 

But since Samsung wants to hit that $399 numberfor the 4G variant, the processor will likely not be as powerful as the 750G. With that said, the Galaxy club reveals thecolor options the A52 will be launched in. Those are black, white, blue, and orange hues. They have revealed some camera information. We already know the A52 will have a quad camerasetup just like its predecessor, but they have also revealed some camera specs. Those include a 64MP main camera and an 8MPmacro camera. 

There’s still no information about the othertwo sensors but if I were to guess those will be a wide-angle camera and a depth camera. The phone will also have Android 11 rightout of the box. There’s no information about when Samsungis launching this handset, but since it’s appearing in Geekbench we can expect it tobe either next month or at the very beginning of 2021. 

So we have data for the top-selling smartphonesin Quarter 3 of this year, and unsurprisingly Apple tops the chart with the iPhone 11 with16 million sales in the last 3 months. So it makes the iPhone 11 the top-sellingphone for the 4th consecutive quarter. Of course, Apple has now released a successor– the iPhone 12 – which means the iPhone 11 will soon lose its title of the world’sbest-selling smartphone. 

Anyway, the second most popular smartphonealso belongs to Apple, the iPhone SE, a $400 phone that sold over 10 million units. Samsung is actually the most successful inthe top 10 with 5 devices in the list with handsets like A21, A11, and A51 selling nearly10 million units each.

 Xiaomi also makes the list with 3 devicesat number 6,7 and 8th position. Interestingly, none of the flagship devicesfrom any company made the list which shows demand for flagships is declining amid thepandemic and also due to their ridiculous prices. Of course, with that said, let me know whatdo you think about this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peaceout! 

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