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So the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a stylus enabledpowerhouse, with a bunch of neat new features. So here are the top 10 features of the Note20 Ultra that are worth a second look. Let’s start with the hardware that defines the Galaxy Note, shall we? 

  He S Pen on the Note 20 Ultra ?

does everythingthe one on the Note 10 does plus there are some improvements. For one the latency of pen has been increased. Latency is basically the touch input, howresponsive it is. The one on the Note 10 had a latency of 42msbut on the Note 20 Ultra, it’s 9ms. So it’s a drastic improvement and it’ll feellike you’re actually writing on a paper. Samsung Notes now will sync with MicrosoftOneNote. That makes Samsung’s app much more usefulas your notes are now less likely to just sit on your phone. Notes also gain the ability to annotate PDFs,match up audio recordings with your notes, and offer full folder management. Yes, you read that right. Finally, after so many requests,  

Samsung isproving 3 years of software updates with the Galaxy Note 20 lineup.

 That’s huge, it’s the same as Google doesfor the Pixel lineup which will make Samsung’s phones even more appealing than before. Samsung’s DeX system was designed to turn a phone into a PC by hooking it up to a mouseand keyboard. Not many people were doing that, so Samsunghas swerved to a more usable mode. 

Now, you can connect the DeX wirelessly. 

You can use your phone’s display as a trackpadand can even use your TV as a monitor which makes using DeX much more convenient thanbefore. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be the first smartphone in the world to feature specialoptimizations for Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming service. The device can be used to play more than 90Xbox gaming titles via Xbox Game Pass. By the way, you need to pair the Note 20 Ultrawith a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox controller, though. 

The Xbox Game Pass service is dubbed “Netflixfor video games,” so it will keep the Note 20 Ultra owners entertained with hundredsof quality titles to play on your big-screen TV from the Note 20 without even having tohave an Xbox console. One of the preorder bundles will offer anoption to get three months of the gaming subscription service from Microsoft. The Note 20 Ultra’s hardware and impressivedisplay should make it one of the best smartphones for streaming games. The Note 20 Ultra is the first Android handset to get this new chip that allows for a wayfaster file transfer. You can just point your phone at someone else’sphone and your phone will know you probably want to send things to them. Put another way: This feature allows the Note20 Ultra to precisely detect where other

 UWB chip-enabled phones are in physical space. 

That’s something lacking on other Androidsmartphones. The Note 20 Ultra has a beautiful 6.9″ 120Hz LTPO display. LTPO is a tech that allows for 

variable displayrefresh rate. 

On the Note 20 Ultra it can vary from 1Hzto 120Hz depending on what you’re doing. This allows the phone to have better batterylife since the display can switch to low refresh rate for content that doesn’t need high refreshrate. 

The Note 20 Ultra also has the toughest gadget glass Corning has ever created. 

A glass that can not only resist a six-footdrop, but also the first in six years to meaningfully improve your phone’s ability to shrug offnasty scratches. This is big especially for people who don’tlike to put screen protectors on. 

The Note 20 Ultra features the new UFS 3.1 storage that is mind-numbingly fast.

It’s 3 times faster than the UFS 3.0 on theS20 Ultra and also more efficient. So it’s providing you that crazy high speedswhile at the same time extending the battery life as well. 

The Note 20 Ultra can also record videos using a 21:9 aspect ratio both on 8K high resolutionand normal resplution. 

Budding filmmakers will love this featuresince it’ll allow them to make their footage more cinematic. You can also record at 120fps now which isgoing to be really helpful. The Note 20 Ultra offers the best specs out there. Such as a triple camera system headlined by108MP, 50x zoom camera with 5 times optical, 12GB RAM, up to 512GB Storage, and a pricetag of $1300. If you are in a search for a new device andhave a budget of $1300, this is the one to go for. That being said, do consider subscribing forall the latest updates on smartphone tech and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peaceout! 

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