Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Top 6 FEATURES

Hello friends welcome to today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2  .)}

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 marks Samsung’s first majorrefresh for its flagship foldable phone, and it looks to improve on nearly every shortcomingof the original model. 

So let’s take a look at all the new featuresof this phone that could make it a true flagship handset of this year. 

A Bigger Flex Mode ?

One of the biggest features of the GalaxyZ Fold 2 is that freestanding hinge, first seen in the Z Flip called the Flex mode whichallows the phone to partially open to do activities like read the news while eating, take a selfieor stabilize the phone and act as a viewfinder for a typical photo. Partially open, the phone was also terrificat becoming its own stand for video calls. On the Z Flip it feels small when folded inhalf but the Z Fold 2 could change that perception of smallness with a big 7.6″ inner display. 

Ultra thin glass that’s self healing in nature ?

Like the Galaxy Z Flip, the Z Fold 2 is switchingfrom the fragile plastic screen to the same ultra-thin glass, which should be less proneto damage than the original. Here’s something important about the Z Fold2, on all of their foldable smartphone Samsung puts a polymer layer for added protectionand it has a special characteristic that its self-healing in nature. Which means small scratches go away in a matterof minutes. That doesn’t mean it’s totally scratch-resistant,though but the fingernail scratches or any other minor scratches won’t stay for longon that display which means foldable phones aren’t fragile as people think they are, is the best example for that.

Improve Display ?

 Arguably the biggest improvement seen in theZ Fold 2 is in the display department. On the outside we have a bigger display, thattakes over the front of the phone. This screen has very little in terms of bezelsand feels like a modern-all screen solution. Samsung has also done away with the notchon the inner display, now using a single hole punch centered in the top right half. This is a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with supportfor HDR10+ and 120hz refresh rates. 

Better hinge with sweeping mechanism ?

Samsung says that it’s reengineered thehinge, too, for greater durability. The new hinge also features what Samsung calls“a sweeper,” which uses elastic fibers to clean dust or debris out from the hingeto prevent damage to the display. Another interesting thing to note is thatSamsung is letting users customize the hinge color on this phone. 

Anti erosion waterproof coating ?

The Z Fold 2 also has an anti-erosion waterproofcoating on the main internal components according to Max Winebach. It doesn’t mean you can take it for a swimbut it should be able to survive a dunk. 

Improve internals ?

It also features the fastest Android chipsetout there the Snapdragon 865+, there won’t be Exynos 990 variant with this phone whichis certainly great news for Exynos regions. The cameras have gotten better and featurethe same camera setup as the Galaxy S20+ and not the Note 20 Ultra, so there is no periscopezoom camera but still, you could do 30x zoom. Features like wireless and reverse wirelesscharging are also there on the handset. Honestly, the number of improvements Samsunghas done to the Z Fold 2 compared to the original Fold are insane and it wouldn’t be wrong tosay the Z Fold 2 was the star of the Unpacked event. 

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