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 Hello friends welcome to today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review  OnePlus 9.)}

the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro have finally been revealed   and i’ll be sharing the details right after this.  guys today not only do we have the oneplus 9   revealed but we also have an incredible render reveal of the oneplus 9 pro on top of all of   that we’ve got new case renders and even news of a third oneplus 9 model before we get started though   please like the video if you’re a fan of oneplus let me know in the comments what device.

 you’re  the first story of the day we had a tweet from max jamba who is   very reliable when it comes to oneplus information and he’s tweeted a somewhat cryptic tweet saying 9   9e and 9e pro now we had a model number before that people were claiming could be the oneplus   9 ultra or the oneplus 9t but this could well have been for the oneplus 9e many manufacturers   have started releasing multiple versions of their phone to suit all budget areas and this could be   what oneplus are doing here now unfortunately this is a somewhat cryptic tweet so there’s no   information to clarify

 But i would estimate that the oneplus 9 pro is the top flagship the oneplus   9 below that and the oneplus 9e will probably be a budget-friendly model a little bit higher than   the nord range but below the oneplus 9. next up we’ve got case renders leaked from gizmo china   that show us the oneplus 9 and could well be the official marketing images for a case manufacturer   .

It shows us exactly what we’re expecting a flat screen device with the punch hole selfie camera   in the top left corner we’ve had the leaked design for the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro   pete lau also tweeted no design is ever set in stone because if it were it wouldn’t be a very   lightweight smartphone so a bit of a joke from pete there but many are taking this as the design   isn’t correct or will be changed but personally 

I think we’re just too close to launch to see any   drastic changes now we’ve already had the design leak from a couple of different sources that have   resulted in many different images but we’ve now got some incredible trailers showcasing these   designs to give you guys a look at what we’re expecting so if we start with the standard oneplus   9 waka khan has published his 3d trailer which gives us a great look at this standard oneplus 9.   

 the phone and their new camera module which i personally think is a big improvement over   the previous generations we then get a look at the front and as expected it’s a flat display   with a punch hole selfie camera in the top left we see multiple color variants in different angles   

this is exactly what i’d expect to see we can be pretty certain that the front is correct   and the only changes i think we may see would be to the camera module but i think this is at   least going to be very close next up we’ve got the oneplus 9 pro renders courtesy of let’s go digital   and concept creator again it’s an incredible 3d trailer and 

 the oneplus 9 pro we get a much more curved device and generally   a more premium and larger smartphone we get plenty of shots of the body and the camera module   and the main difference with the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro is the additional sensors we get a   couple of different colors here and shots of the front and the rear but this is pretty much exactly   what we’re expecting to see a more refined 

oneplus device many have been disappointed not to see a   pop-up selfie camera in the oneplus 9 pro like we previously had on the seven but to be honest   i think punch hole cameras are now here to stay until they perfect the in-display selfie camera it   was important to note that these are just concept renders of course they’re not guaranteed to be 100   correct but they are based on leaked information 

so they’re not just made up both sets of renders   are incredible and i’m personally very excited for the oneplus 9 launch with little to no information   on the oneplus 9e i’m hoping we do start hearing something soon and of course as we do i’ll be   updating you guys straight away as we approach its launch though no doubt more and more information   is gonna surface and be more accurate for those interested in 

the oneplus 9 or the oneplus 9 pro   we’re going to run through everything that you can expect to see now for my regular viewers you guys   have already seen this so skip to the next video but if you are new here then don’t forget to hit   subscribe and we’re going to get right into it in the last t variant we only had one model and we   didn’t get a pro version but it is expected that we’re going to see a oneplus 9 and a oneplus 9 pro   there haven’t been any leaks on the 

oneplus 9 design and one thing we do know about oneplus   is that they don’t like to stay the same oneplus is a company that are not afraid   to make changes and try something new unlike many other manufacturers right now so we can   expect to see something different when it comes to their devices we normally get a big change   at the start of the year and then minor upgrades for the team they’ve already given us the pop-up   camera which was incredibly popular and they then changed this to a punch hole 

which has also seen   great success along the whole of the oneplus and the nord range the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro   are likely going to be another full screen device but at this stage we really don’t know if it’s   going to be a punch hole or another pop out we tend to see minor screen size increases each time   so this release i would expect the oneplus 9 to come with a 6.6 inch display and the oneplus 9   pro to be 6.8 to 6.9 inches it will of course be fluid amoled displays we can probably expect a 90   hertz full hd plus resolution on the oneplus 9 then a 120 hertz quad hd plus resolution   on the 

oneplus 9 pro they don’t go overboard with the selfie sensors either so expect another 16   megapixel selfie camera on both of these phones they’ll also both have their fingerprint scanners   under the display as usual when it comes to the rear of the device most manufacturers are going   with this rectangular camera module 

so it’s likely that oneplus are going to do the same as they did   on the 8t but at the same time they have also been known to do their own thing so this is still a   little bit unknown when it comes to the cameras we can probably expect a triple camera setup on   the oneplus 9 and a triple with the addition of a timer flight sensor on the 

oneplus 9 pro there are   rumors that they’re going to change from the 48 megapixel primary to a new 64 megapixel sensor on   the oneplus 9 pro and maybe even the oneplus 9 but again these are just rumors and there’s nothing to   back them up we’re also expecting the return of the much loved ultra wide lens considering its   popularity and more rumors are stating a telephoto lens on the oneplus 9 pro and this is gonna have   three times optical zoom but there’s no mention if this is also expected on the standard oneplus 9.   

when it comes to ramid storage it’s gonna be at least 12 gigs of ram well they could bump it up   to 16 i think that’s an unnecessary cost to the consumer as always the standard oneplus 9 is also   going to have an 8 gigabyte option and storage is going to be 128 and 256 and some are hoping   for maybe 512. the phone is of course going to be powered by the snapdragon 875 oneplus always   used the latest flagship chipset from qualcomm in their smartphones so we can be 99.9 sure that both   

the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro are going to feature this a bump in the screen size of   course comes with a bump in battery capacity as well so if this is true we can expect around 4   800 milliamp hours for the oneplus 9 pro and 4600 for the oneplus 9. oneplus really pushed   the boundaries with a 65w warp charge on the 8t so it would be nice to have more but i wouldn’t   be surprised if we see 65 watt again the 

oneplus 9 pro is gonna support wireless charging of at least   30 watts and we’re hoping that this may be brought down to the standard model but at the same time   they have to cut specs in certain areas to cut the cost and this is probably going to be one of them   the oneplus 9 pro is expected to be ip68 water resistant or the standard oneplus 9 is unlikely   to have this both phones will of course ship with the latest oxygen os based on android 11. 

when it   comes to pricing of course we can expect more than last time round with new phones that come   more expensive hardware internally and as oneplus grow in popularity it allows them to charge more   for their devices they’re also doing well in the mid range meaning they can set their sights   more on the highest tier flagships with this in mind i think we can expect the oneplus 9 to   start from around 750 to 800 and the oneplus 9 pro around 950 to 1000. 

while it is high and it   does seem a lot we’ll definitely find it that it’s cheaper than other manufacturers such as samsung   releasing their phones next year of course with the launch expected to be in march it’s not long   until the leaks are going to come flooding in and i’ll update you 

guys as they do as always though   i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who’s excited for the oneplus 9 new excited for   the oneplus 9 the oneplus 9 pro or the oneplus 9e but thanks for watching the video if you liked it   smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and i’ll see you guys in the next one you 

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