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So Google made the Pixel 5 official yesterdaywhich is their flagship offering for this year. The phone comes with improvements over thelast year’s Pixel 4 such as a higher refresh rate display, a bigger battery, wireless,and reverse wireless charging. 

The phone is also made up of aluminum whichis a welcome change. It’s been a while we haven’t seen a metalphone. 

People have been complaining about the glassespecially how fragile it is. It seems Google listened to the feedback andmade their phones stronger with a metal back. Now I know what you are thinking! This phone has a metal back and at the sametime has wireless charging too. How is this even possible? I mean for years smartphone companies wereforced to use glass or plastic back for wireless charging to work. 

The metal cannot pass the wireless chargingsignals and that’s the reason companies stopped using it years ago. But Google has found a workaround. What they are doing on the Pixel 5 is, theyare 100% using the Aluminum back but they have created a hole in the middle where thewireless charging coil is placed. 

Now on top of this aluminum chassis and wirelesscharging coil, they have applied another layer of a material that Google likes to call bio-resinwhich by the way is a fancy name for plastic. So basically there’s aluminum chassis witha big hole in the middle with the wireless charging coil and on top of all of this there’sa very thin plastic layer applied. 

So when holding the device in your hand youwill feel the plastic, not the metal. This technique allowed them to use metal andwireless charging at the same time which is smart as it gives the handset a sturdy andrigid structure. Android Authority asked Google why exactlythey went with this approach. 

The answer they got it a weird one becauseGoogle said they did it to maintain the thinness of the phone. Since the Pixel 5 has a bigger battery, soin order to maintain the same thickness as last year, they had to do this aluminum-superthinplastic design. 

Anyway, when you look at the front of thePixel 5 you can see the bezels all around is actually thin. Look at the chin, it has to be one of thethinness out there comparable to iPhones which really surprises me because Google isn’t knownfor their designs but I gotta admit the Pixel 5 looks good at least from the front.

 Also, Google has confirmed to the Verge thatthe soli radar and motion sense will come back in the future. They didn’t specify when but said that thereason they didn’t the radar chip on the Pixel is due to the price. 

I mean the chip is very expensive and theywanted to keep the price of the Pixel 5 competitive and decided to skip the feature this year. The way motion sense worked on the Pixel 4I don’t think anyone would ever miss that feature. 

Unless Google can make it work as they’veshown in this video, I think it’s best for them to not use the chip as it not only increasesthe component costs but will provide gimmicky features that most Pixel users will stop usinga day after getting the phone. In any case let me know what do you think? Is $699 a bit too much for what the Pixel5 offers? Let me know down in the comments and as alwaysI’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out! 

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