Samsung Galaxy S21 plus Review & The Fast Look .

Hello friends welcome to today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review Samsung Galaxy S21 plus .)}

So a few days ago we saw the first-ever lookat the Galaxy S21 Ultra with that huge camera design that wraparounds the edges of the phone. 

The Galaxy S21 also features a similar designalbeit the camera module is significantly smaller compared to the Ultra. But Onleaks didn’t reveal what the middleof the road Galaxy S21+ is going to look like but that changes today as MySmartPrice haspublished the official cadd renders of the S21 Plus. 

And surprisingly it looks identical to theGalaxy S21. The same triple camera design with flash outsidethe module, a flat display upfront with a punch-hole camera, and razer thin bezels. These diagrams seem to leak straight froma designer’s computer program but thankfully we have our friendly neighborhood Ice Universemaking some good-looking renders to depict how it’s going to look in real life. And yes, it does look pretty. 

The only difference between the S21 and S21+aesthetically is that the Plus variant will have thinner bezels and it’s bigger in size. 6.7″ to be exact compared to 6.2″ on the S21. The S21 Ultra has a display of 6.9″ Compared to the S20 variants, all the S21models will be wider and shorter. Only the S21 Plus is seeing a battery upgrade4800mAh compared to 4500mAh on the S20 Plus, the S21 and Ultra have the same battery capacityas their predecessors. 

Also we have the color variants of the S21family. Ross Young claims that these colors are 100%accurate and will be surely seen on the Galaxy S21 lineup. Those are Gray, Pink, Violet and White forthe S21, black and silver for the S21 Plus, and Black, Silver, and Violet for the S21Ultra. 

Looking forward to that violet color for theS21 Ultra which in all way is going to be better than the boring grey and black on thisyear’s S20 Ultra. He also says that handsets will be manufacturedin South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Brazil. Nothing new here as it’s already known thatthese are the countries where Samsung phones are made. 

Samsung will launch the S21 earlier this timein January to take advantage of Huawei’s absence and counter the late arrival of the iPhone12 lineup. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Z Fold 2, and the iPhone 11 and 12 Pro have an Ultrawideband chip thatlets one phone know where another device is using the same tech which can be used forfast file transfer.

 But the implication of this chip goes waybeyond that. In a new press release, Samsung said thatthey want to make it as big as Bluetooth. In the future, Samsung will also be debutinga new Digital Key solution that uses UWB to unlock compatible vehicles in place of a traditionalkey. 

Also, Xiaomi has posted its own take on UWBshowing a more intuitive way to control your smart devices around the household such ascontrolling smart light, smart display, fan, and smart TV, by simply pointing a phone atthe devices. Also, the phone’s UI automatically switchesbetween various device control menus as you point the phone at different gadgets, no needto swipe it manually. 

Finally, the phone can also unlock the dooras it detects the phone nearby. Pretty cool, Samsung sees UWB as a game-changerfor the future, and judging from Xiaomi’s video, tech like this could make a smart homefeel completely seamless, but I think we’re still years away before it’s actually viable. Anyway, let me know what do you think aboutthis down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out! 

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