Sasmang Galaxy S21 Plus Review.

Hello friends welcome to today’s I am going to (today I am going to Review Sasmang Galaxy S21 Plus .)}

  It’s only been less than 24 hours since we’veseen our first ever Galaxy S21 Plus hands-on video and today we have another one from thesame YouTube channel, the Random Stuff 2. 

But this time he compares the Galaxy S21+to its closest rival the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Interestingly, the screen size of the iPhone12 Pro Max is slightly smaller than the S21 Plus. 6.68″ vs 6.7″ on the S21 Plus but still theoverall footprint of Samsung’s flagship is smaller than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Not only that it’s also narrower comparedto the iPhone which will help you to hold this phone better. Also unlike Apple Samsung has decided to retainthe rounded-edge design and that’s a good thing because people are already complainingabout Apple’s flat frame which is kinda digging into people’s hands. 

Yes, the flat frame on the iPhone 12 Pro looksbeautiful but since it’s a fingerprint magnet and makes it a little uncomfortable to holdit in hand, I’m glad Samsung went with the rounded edge design. Anyway, from the front these phones look generationsapart. While Apple is using the same notch and bezelsthat were introduced back in 2017 on the iPhone X, Samsung has been making improvements yearover year. 

They have been reducing bezels ever sincethe Galaxy S8, and now with the Galaxy S21 Plus, it’s basically nonexistent. The Galaxy S21+ and Ultra are hands down thebest looking phones out there. Apple seriously needs to work on their design. 

The face ID is a great tool but it also preventsthem from getting rid of that dreaded notch. Even next year with the iPhone 13 Apple isexpected to retain the notch albeit it’s going to be a little smaller than what it is today. He also compares the camera sample of bothof these variants and the one on the S21 Plus looks vibrant and bright. 

I guess it has to do with the display as theGalaxy S21 will feature the brightest display we have ever seen on a smartphone. Also yesterday I failed to mention that withthe Galaxy S21, you can now swipe left from the home to get into the Google feed, a newsfeed that shows a personalized stream of articles, videos, and other content. 

Up until now, we had Bixby feed, but a lotof people prefer Google feed instead and it’s about time Samsung is finally enabling thisfeature on the Galaxy S21. Also, remember the Director’s view. It was rumored that the Galaxy S20 would featurethis camera technology. If you don’t remember, Director’s View isa mode designed for video directors. 

The idea of the mode was to be able to havethe phone record out of multiple lenses and be able to automatically track your subject. It’s a great tool for film making and hencethe name, so people were excited about this feature but for some reason, Samsung didn’tenable it on the Galaxy S20. 

But thankfully, the Galaxy S21 will featurethis technology according to our friend Jimmy is Promo. He also says the phone can do front and rearrecording at the same something we heard a month ago. He also says the Galaxy S21 which is madefrom plastic will feel cheap in the hand same as the S20 FE which was expected to be honest. 

Of course with that being said, we’re almosta month away from the unpacked event, let me know what do you think about Samsung’snext flagships in the comments down below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…peaceout! 

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